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From market and trend analysis to creating and specifying persuasive design concepts until the final market launch, Kurz Kurz Design covers the entire process with passion and precision.


“Since 1992 we have been a creative and professional Design partner
for well-known national and international companies .”

Based in Solingen, also known as the “Klingenstadt”, we develop single products, entire product families as well as comprehensive design strategies for our clients with a interdisciplinary team and a network of partners.

With a department in China we have also been offering professional support for the Asian market since 2012.

Setting ourselves a high demand regarding aesthetics, functionality and attention to detail, ideas and drafts are transformed into desirable products.
The unique identity provides for long-term success.

We call it “design creates identity”


Consulting & Strategy

“In order to provide new impulses for the future, we query the existing.”

We help you achieve long-term success with strategic and target group-oriented planning as well as with “corporate product design”.

“Corporate Product Design” means to combine all products in a consistent design language in order to make them so distinctive.

Kurz Kurz Design offers support in all phases of product development with a wide range of services.

Together with our clients we analyze the brand and the market. We develop concrete measures based on changed needs and potentials.

Product Design

“The product is the ambassador for a brand with the greatest customer proximity; it should be unique and distinctive.”

We develop innovative design solutions with an eye on the brand and the customer. We rely on a clear and modern design language, in which function and emotion enter into a symbiosis.

Through careful analysis and attention to detail, our design office creates that certain something for a unique product experience and the joy of use.

We attach great importance to a holistic design - aesthetics, material suitability and functionality. We take into account the customer-specific production, marketing strategy and sales channels.

Interface Design

“We design individual and holistic design solutions that inspire the user at first glance and optimally support him with the operation.”

For the complex interaction between man and machine, we develop clearly understandable user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use.

Together with our customers, we investigate action sequences and use creative ideas to design efficient operating sequences, layouts and a user-centered design.

We take into account the growing importance of "internet of things" and its new requirements for that UX design.

CAD & Prototyping

“Central to successful and efficient design development is model building with parallel development in 3D on the computer.”

At the beginning there is the basic form finding. Even in the early stages of an idea, it is checked and adapted using simple models made of polystyrene, foam, cardboard and in 3D printing.

The evaluation of shape, proportion, haptics, ergonomics and fairness of production is carried out in ever finer steps using standard CAD software, including Rhinoceros 3D and Solidworks, from prototypes to series production.

Visualization and animation in Keyshot and Cinema 4D take place in parallel. Color, material, surface structure and the user interface are developed as part of the corporate design.

Research & Analysis

“We accompany our customers with passion and precision in all phases of the development process.”

Research at the beginning of each project enables us to design in a brand and target group-oriented manner.

With over twenty years of experience, we now have an extensive database that contains brands, markets, target groups, trends, materials, surfaces, technologies and manufacturing processes.

This knowledge is constantly growing through new projects, visits to trade fairs in Germany and abroad, extensive research, dealing with social trends and the changing needs of consumers.


Dorian Kurz

Dipl. Designer
Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen
Stuttgart State University of Art and Design, Stuttgart
1988 - 92 Phoenix Design, Stuttgart

Interests: Alfa Romeo, Italian, Skiing, Road Cycling, Jazz Music and Art

Hao Xiong

Kurz Kurz Design China


Nadine Ernst

Dipl. Designer
FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Product Design / Interior

Interests: Interior, Color and Material Trends, Golf, Cooking

Boris Schröder

Bachelor of Arts
FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Product Design

Interests: Longboarding, Surfing, Bulli and Traveling

Marco Gier

Bachelor of Arts
HS Niederrhein

Product Design

Interests: Drums + Guitar, Visiting Concerts, Cinema & Movie Culture

Niklas Strohfeld

Freelancer - Bachelor of Arts
Hochschule Niederrhein

Product Design

Interests: Fieldhockey, Travelling, Mountain Biking

Nina Strutz

Intern - Student
Hochschule Niederrhein

Industrial Design

Interests: Sports Acrobatics, Dancing, Painting, Cooking

Carlotta Thomeczek

Intern - Student
Hochschule Niederrhein

Product Design

Interests: Dancing, Playing Piano, Classical Music, Mixing Cocktails

Muhan Zhang

Kurz Kurz Design China

Head of Design

KKD China



Kurz Kurz Design

Corporate Productdesign
Dunkelnberger Straße 39
D–42697 Solingen

Contact: Dorian Kurz

Tel: (+49) 212 > 33 69 83
Fax: (+49) 212 > 33 71 98

Kurz Kurz Design China

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