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From market and trend analysis to creating and specifying persuasive design concepts until the final market launch, Kurz Kurz Design covers the entire process with passion and precision.


Since 1992 we have been design partners with renowned national and international companies; creative and professional alike.

Based in Solingen, also known as the “Klingenstadt”, we develop single products, entire product families as well as comprehensive design strategies for our clients with a interdisciplinary team and a network of partners. With a department in China we have also been offering professional support for the Asian market since 2012.

Setting ourselves a high demand regarding aesthetics, functionality and attention to detail, ideas and drafts are transformed into desirable products. The unique identity provides for long-term success.
We call that “design creates identity”


Consulting & Strategy

Kurz Kurz Design offers its clients a large range of services; including helping adjust brand directions and defining product portfolios. The focus lies on strategic long-term planning with target group orientation for a brand’s sustainable success.

“Corporate Product Design” is the ultimate motive for us. A consistent design connects all products of a band with much needed distinctiveness. For our customer we create tailored and trendsetting styles, which express competence of the brand, leading to a unique experience.

“To set new impulses for the future, prevailing convictions have to be questioned.”

In close interaction with our clients we can determine new needs and potentials through the analysis of brands and markets. The creation of new ideas and visions result in the development of innovative products.

Product Design

“The product is a brand’s most powerful ambassador due to its strong connection to the customer. Therefore it should be unique and distinctive.”

In harmony with the brand and the customer we create innovative design solutions. From children’s cutlery to bathroom series and from solar powered LED light to high efficiency pumps we have proven this.

Thereby, we believe in simple and modern designs with unite function and emotion. Our thorough analysis and attention to detail add the exceptional quality of a product or an entire product family. We strive for long-lasting satisfaction with our customers and therefore long-term success on the market.

We emphasise on integrated design and we know successful design means more than just delivering aesthetics. It’s about the methods of production, marketing and sales of a client, as well as choosing the right materials and guaranteeing functionality.

Interface Design

Products should be based on simple and user-friendly operating concepts. To simplify the complex man-machine interaction, our user interfaces are accessible and can be controlled intuitively. This applies to digital as well as for analogue interfaces. Together with our customers we analyse behaviour patterns and develop layouts and operating procedures based on individual requirements.

By brainstorming innovative and achievable concepts we achieve user-orientated design in harmony to the brand and the product.

Through interviews and video recordings we identify the thought process and behavioural pattern of a target group and analyse them in detail. The thrilling transition from analogue to the digital world requires transferring deep-rooted and traditional processes into new ones that are just as intuitive but offer new possibilities.

From user interface to product design, we conceptualise individual integrated design solutions to grab the user at first sight and support them while handling the product.

CAD & Prototyping

See & Touch: The development of successful and efficient design ideas require model making as well as CAD-visualisation.
Simple models made of Styrofoam, other industrial foams or cardboard are used to assess and improve concepts at an early stage.

Whether it’s a kitchen knife of bath tub, school backpack or heater, the evaluation of form, ergonomics and texture of the surface takes place in multiple steps – with a 3D model always at hand. A preliminary sketch is followed by detailing until the final draft. First “handmade models,” then via “rapid prototyping".

Projects take shape by continuously exchanging 3D-data with our customers’ development departments and other partners for an efficient workflow. Technological changes and new possibilities or requirements are incorporated into the process and subsequently the design is modified and visualised. This workflow and interchange of information reassures our clients, as well as our Team, of a successful product design process.

Research & Analysis

A product development process includes important steps, such as trend and market research, design conception detailing in 3D and market launch at the point of sale. During the entire development process we accompany our clients with passion and precision.

With more than 25 years of experience Kurz Kurz Design possesses a large database from brands, markets, targets groups, trends, materials, surfaces, technologies and production processes.

This knowledge is constantly widened by new projects, visits to fairs, research through different types of media (magazines, internet and social media) and reflecting on social trends and the changing needs of society.

Mood-boards and mind maps are essential tools to visualise new information. These tools make it easy to comprehend for all involved, the topic and direction of a project. Together with our clients we analyse behavioural patterns though video recordings and interviews.


Dorian Kurz

Dipl. Designer
Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen
Stuttgart State University of Art and Design, Stuttgart
1988 - 92 Phoenix Design, Stuttgart

Interests: Alfa Romeo, Italian, Skiing, Road Cycling, Jazz Music and Art

Nadine Ernst

Dipl. Designer
FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Product Design / Interior

Interests: Interior, Color and Material Trends, Golf, Cooking

Boris Schröder

Bachelor of Arts
FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Product Design

Interests: Longboarding, Surfing, Bulli and Traveling

Xuerao Zhang

Dipl. Designer, Industrial Design

Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen
Bachelor of Engineering, Automotive Engineering
Tsinghua University, Peking

Interests: Handcraft, Mathematics & Geometries, Dancing, Acrobatics

Marco Gier

Bachelor of Arts
HS Niederrhein

Product Design

Interests: Drums + Guitar, Visiting Concerts, Cinema & Movie Culture

Niklas Strohfeld

Freelancer - Design
Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences

Product Design

Interests: Fieldhockey, Travelling, Mountain Biking

Aiyana Dietel

Intern - Student
Media Akademie Hochschule Stuttgart

Industrial Design

Interests: Dance, Longboarding, Painting, Mixing Cocktails

Mikey Stevenson

Intern - Student
Nottingham Trent University

Product Design

Interests: Football, Making Music, Guitar Playing

Maik Wetzstein

Intern - Student
Hochschule Osnabrück

Industrial Design

Interests: Mountain Biking, Squash, Fishing

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