KCI - User Interface Design for the Professional Kitchen

"These three letters stand for Küppersbusch Cooking Intelligence - an innovation letting you control cooking processes with touch control. Whenever high efficiency and productivity is asked for, brilliant technology is needed that does not only simplify cooking and preparing but also the entire organisation of the kitchen."

"The KCI touch panel is designed for use in electric, gas and low-pressure steam appliances and can be used for cooking with saucepans, frying pans and deep-fat fryers."

"All devices and processes share the same operating philosophy and the intuitive interface work is simplified even for temporary staff. Thanks to the clear and high-contrast display, all relevant information regarding the cooking processes are just one glance away, even from a distance."

"Every kitchen contains the knowledge of past generations. There is a good reason why so many people believe that Küppersbusch kitchens are among the best in the world. One such reason, which is simply impossible to copy, is "140 years of experience". From the outset, Friedrich Küppersbusch pursued the claim of making the best even better. The evidence that this innovative capacity is still present today can be seen in every detail and in the fact that we have received more than 60 awards in the past 20 years alone.“

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