No energy costs. No power connection. No compromises.

"With the power of the sun, you can switch to sustainable lighting. With solar lights you save energy costs and gain independence in installation. We rely on quality for our lights: for a long life and thus for the protection of our environment."

“We asked ourselves what a solar light needs to be the best in the world. The answer: it must provide bright light when needed. 365 days a year. Even in extreme weather. With XSolar lights from STEINEL, you make no compromises, in summer or winter: No energy costs. No power connection. But with a special elegance.”

The STEINEL XSolar Series

Sustainable product development

"Our products and services should be manufactured in a way that conserves resources and leaves behind as few harmful substances as possible. In this way, we safeguard the basis of life for the future. However, this way of thinking and acting does not only refer to the production process, but already starts with the development and design of our products. A sustainable product life cycle is our benchmark."

“Even during the development of our products, we pay attention to sustainable design. For example, luminaires with fully integrated LEDs have a significantly longer service life compared to luminaires with replaceable light sources. Fully integrated LED systems can be better connected to heat sinks. This means they can be operated at low temperatures. This ensures a longer service life for the LEDs. This longevity saves resources and avoids electrical waste, as no components need to be disposed of. That is sustainability for us.”

STEINEL sustainability

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