Sunberry - sanitary series

"Sunberry transforms your bathroom into a feel-good-area, bringing a smile to your face on every single day."

"The mixture between sympathetic, lighthearted design and perfect functionality makes Sunberry the perfect bathroom for the entire family."

"Villeroy & Boch is deeply linked with European culture like no other premium brand out there. Over time, it has cultivated and maintained its identity, while yet keeping up with the newest trends - a skill that only the greatest brands possess.

Tradition, Quality and Authenticity: Those are the classic attributes from Villeroy & Boch, setting a clear framework for the customer to rely on. Innovation, style and design are the values which people let themselves be inspired by - giving them the liberty to design their home as individually as the desire. The company of Villeroy & Boch which provides for round about 7.300 employees around the world, is lead as a stock corporation since 1987 and went public in 1990."

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