Royal Plus - sanitary series

"The demands have changed. There is no fixed thought pattern anymore. What counts is the freedom to implement personal desires in harmonic surroundings. It all starts with good design.“ Lightness and Transparency. Aluminium and Glas bring new life to any bathroom. Royal Plus is a smart system with many possibilities to choose your own style. Thanks to all transparency this series leaves enough room for ambitious design while ensuring maximum comfort. The mind will be inspired by this breeze of freedom and creative stimulus. Royal Plus combines sensual needs with precise, straight-line design."

KEUCO - High-End Integrated Bathroom Solutions

"In no other room is this challenge more exciting and demanding than the bathroom. That is why this fascination still drives us forward. Since its founding in the year 1953, our company, which is still family-run today, has undergone a rapid and sustained transformation. From market leader for high quality bathroom accessories, KEUCO has evolved into the brand for the bathroom, with a wide assortment of furniture, fittings, accessories and mirror cabinets and from our early days we focused on offering concepts of complete bathroom furnishings."

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