In the air - sensor light

Custom-tailored light for wall and ceiling

"The lights »In the air« feature precise sensors that send out 360°-signals whose echo is detected by the electronic control. Responding to not only movements but also ambient brightness, the lights adjust. If desired, they can automatically initiate a soft, warm light as soon as dusk approaches. Whenever a person steps into the captured area, the electronic regulates the light flux to a maximum and does not set the brightness to a lower level until a certain time has passed. At dawn, the light deactivates itself completely. Therefore, switching your lights on and off or accidentally leaving them on belongs to the past. Light will only be used when needed."

"Parameters like light on time, light intensity and range or the movements to be captured can be modified by the user himself to meet his individual needs. That makes a multitude of different lighting scenarios
possible. An additional feature of the wall and ceiling light is group connectivity with which the lights communicate with each other via radio to ensure a harmonious lighting concept. The cover of the lamp made of mouthblown triopal glass makes for a warm and pleasant light. The chassis, available in black and white, is finished with a ultra matt, newly developed soft-touch-surface. The carcass of »In the air« is composed of coated aluminium. Its shape does not only create the aesthetic look but also allows an optimal cooling of the LEDs."

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