One - sensor lights - product family

"Premium materials and clear design shape the visible beauty. Invisible from the outside, the precise sensor technology is hidden inside the light."

"The senses light detects movements and ambient brightness and reacts to them. Hidden in the inside is an advanced and precise sensory organ that recognises people in its environment. If a person approaches, the light regulates itself to a maximum."

"Lights that adjust themselves to the situational needs of humans. Lights that are, thanks to their senses, not inflexible but always providing the lighting that is desired or needed - that’s the idea that we firmly believe in. Lighting just as you want it: Subtle, precise and simply perfect. With invisible newest technology on the inside our lights have senses that allow them so feel and see. But the technology always keeps to the sidelines, it just operates quietly, hidden under precious materials and pure design. Our lights create something completely new: The interact with the people who they provide the light for. Senses stands for exceptional lights and an idea, which time has only yet started."

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