TWIN 1731 - manicure line

"Exclusive design in combination with maximum functionality. Premium material mix of precious stainless steel and black acrylic."

"The Premium-Manicure-Collection „TWIN 1731“ was developed for Zwilling’s 275-th company anniversary. MIM (Metal Injection Moulding), a modern process technology, made the precision and exactness of this new form language possible. The combination between matt shimmering stainless steel and polished, black acrylic gives the collection sublime aesthetics and an extremely pleasing haptic."

Zwilling. A symbol for quality and innovation.

"In 1731, Peter Henckels registers the now world-famous ZWILLING (twin) as a trademark and thereby sets the cornerstone for a international company. Today, the white ZWILLING logo on red ground is the expression of an ambitious lifestyle - be it kitchen products, cutlery or beauty accessories. The outstanding success of one of the oldest brands in the world is based on unmatched customer satisfaction that quickly spread across boarders. With innovative products setting international standards till this day because they are always considerate of the customers’ wishes."

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