Zwilling Beauty - new premium manicure series, ambiente 2018

Zwilling Beauty presented two manicure series designed by Kurz Kurz Design: the TWINOX M and the TWINOX Gold Edition.
For both premium series, innovative technologies such as MIM (metal injection molding) and scratch-resistant coatings (PVD and carbon) are being used for the first time, enabling increased cutting performance and durability. Individual scissors and instruments were developed for the respective target group.

"If it's not black, put in back: with its captivating shape and all wrapped in black, the new TWINOX M line offers a combination of the highest quality and modern design created for strong hands." cit: Zwilling

"Go for gold: the new TWINOX Gold Edition offers the highest level of care while bringing the charm of traditional gold tones to the modern age." cit: Zwilling

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