Wilo Stratos PICO-Z

Kurz Kurz Design designes the topmodell of the Wilo drinking water circulation system: Wilo-Stratos PICO-Z.

"This pump combines the modern display, innovative functions and unbeatable efficiency," explains Wilo product manager Stefanie Sabinarsz. "With its special features, the new Stratos PICO-Z is precisely tailored to the drinking water application and thus fulfills the two most important main requirements of this application: the prevention of stagnation and legionella formation and the always provided provision of warm water."

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Making. Life. Easy. Based on this triad, we develop products and solutions that make life easier for people in many ways. We measure ourselves against this high standard. We consider customer needs at an early stage and from a comprehensive perspective. At Wilo, successful innovations are born from sound knowledge and a keen sense for future technology and market requirements. Combining these two factors takes product value to a whole new level of quality.

Intelligence. Inspiration. Inventiveness. As a pioneer in the pump industry, we have a hand in all areas of water movement technology. We have got what it takes to continuously set benchmarks with Wilo developments, products, systems and services, which includes our international team of experienced, creative employees and innovative technical systems.

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