WILO in brand eins - "We are the ones with the pumps"

"How do you make a brand with radiance out of an unknown world market leader?" Answers are available at Wilo in Dortmund.

Kurz Kurz Design has been accompanying Wilo as a design partner for over ten years. In its current issue, the business magazine "brand eins" reports on the successful company with 7600 employees and a turnover of 1.33 billion euros (2016).

"Our products are in use all over the world, but in branding we have the challenge that they are mostly installed in halls or cellars and thus invisible," says Oliver Hermes, CEO of the company.

"We used to say we have the best products, they sell themselves. Today, we derive product innovations much more from customer needs," explains Jan Radzey, Marketing Director. In addition, one wants to "act more emotionally". Therefore, the slogan "Pump Intelligence" used worldwide until 2012 has been replaced by "Pioneering for You". Of course digitization is also a topic for the people of Dortmund. They see themselves as industry pioneers and have reportedly launched the world's first smart and most efficient pump on the market. It independently optimizes the system, can be set up online or via an app and maintained. And this should also serve the branding: The products are equipped with a "Wilo-green" control knob, with which all functions are controlled. "Design is an important element of brand communication," says Radzey.

cit: brand eins Issue 02 February 2018

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