Adeco, Antimo - The door as a business card of the house

Kurz Kurz Design designes the new modular door panel "Antimo" of the Centea series for adeco.

Accentuation of finest details is the topic design line of the Centea series. Less is more. Reduced forms to the essentials: clear surfaces, emphasized by different materials, separated by contours and yet fused together in the compound of the forms.

Dorian Kurz: "Doors have always fascinated me, because they tell stories about the house and its inhabitants - new or old. Is the entrée rather inviting, open or reserved to almost distant? Is the door more likely to integrate into the façade or act as an accent? No matter how the builder answers these kinds of questions, the door is part of the over all look and should fit with the architecture and the inhabitant and their individual story."

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