German Design Award for True Presence® Sensor by STEINEL Professional

The Digital Sensor Revolution. True Presence® is the world’s first true presence detector. It reliably detects the presence of a person. No matter what this person is doing: walking, standing, sitting, reading, resting or sleeping.

The True Presence® Sensor from STEINEL Professional has been awarded Winner Excellent Product Design in the Building and Elements category.

Jury Statement:
"With its subtle design, the sensor can be placed unobtrusively on the ceiling. Noteworthy is the sensitive detection, which reliably detects whether a person is in the room - and no matter whether someone is moving or not; only the presence is enough."

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The presence of a body is detected by recognizing the respiratory patterns (micro-movements of the vital signs). The design is unique in certain segments: hardly visible on the ceiling, astonishingly different feel in the hand and in high quality.

This is real digital knowledge of presence or absence. This is essential information for existing or future building management. Our True Presence® Technology is based on extremely precise high-frequency measurements of the detector's surroundings. The presence of a persons is indicated when 3-dimensional breathing patterns (micro-movement from vital functions) are detected.

The distance of the person to the sensor, as well as the direction of movement is detected as well. All of these functions are done so quickly and precisely that there is no longer any need to set a follow-up timer.

True Presence® stands on the peek of the Presence-Detector-Evolution and heralds a new era in building sensor technology.

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