TOSHIBA - Medical Movable Beside Table

“With simplified operations and intelligent medical design features, this new generation of Medical Movable Bedside Table greatly improves the drinking and eating experience of the elderly while helping nurses work more efficiently.

This is a redesigned product for the daily bedside needs of the elderly.
In addition to the built-in drinking water module, it also has food heating and tableware disinfection functions. By utilising simple operations and medical-level intelligent management design features, the innovative design of this product greatly improves the drinking and eating environment of elderly users while potentially providing nurses in healthcare facilities with a more efficient working environment.

To maintain a good user experience, all complicated and irrelevant design elements are removed. The colour matching styling is also dominated by a large area of matte white, making it feel more professional. The elderly can now benefit from improved health care services thanks to this Medical Movable Bedside Table.
Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Energy and Electrification”

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