Thermomix accessory specials

"For the best baking results - pizza cutter & dough roller!

With the Thermomix® dough roller, rolling out pizza & cookie dough is child's play for you. Large pieces of dough can be evenly spread to the edges with minimal effort.

And our original Thermomix® pizza cutter, made of hardened stainless steel, cuts your favorite pizza effortlessly - without shifting the toppings.

Thermomix® silicone spoon

The silicone spoon for the Thermomix® is here! With the practical serving spoon made of high-quality silicone, you'll have even more fun cooking and serving your favorite dishes! Thanks to its long handle and flexible spoon edge, your creations can be easily and gently removed from the Thermomix® mixing bowl - ingenious!

The Thermomix® Twister for TM5 & TM6

This has never been done before! With the Thermomix® knife twister "Twister" you can now effortlessly remove dough residues from the Thermomix® mixing bowl.

Made of high-quality plastic, the Twister is simply placed on the outside of the mixing bowl screw and turned. Dough residues are loosened super fast and fall out easily. So what are you waiting for - let's twist!"

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