Sigo - first charging station in Darmstadt

Cargo bikes are useful to to transport large things from A to B. The start up from Darmstadt Sigo plans to create a network of stations for rentable e-bikes. This could relieve traffic in cities. In this project Kurz Kurz Design took the role as partner in design questions.

Actually the start of the e-bike fleet was planed to be in autumn 2019. But why did it delay? "We had to develop and produce everything from the ground up. That needs time" says Tobias Lochen, Founder and CEO of Sigo in talk with online magazine "Gr├╝nderszene".

He also claims, that the appropriate Hardware isn't just manufactured and sold "off the peg". Instead, the the parts for the bikes are built by a contract manufacterer in china. Installation of the certain parts happens in europe.

By the end of february 2020 Tobias Lochen and his two partners and co-founders Philipp Harter and Edin Zekanovic have started up the first charging station in Darmstadt. It is one of four planed stations. Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden just as Langen and Kelsterbach will follow up with in each case two stations with two bikes each. This kind of market entry seems to be a lot more softer than for example the launch of e-scooters in cities, wich was kind of a flood. Nonetheless, Sigo plans to go throughout germany with their business.

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