Schluter-SHELF - Decorative Shelves for Tiled Walls

A design element for tiled living spaces, Schluter-SHELF brings order and storage space to your bathroom. The practical wall shelves are also suitable for other tiled living rooms and can be integrated into the tiled mirror of your kitchen. With five different designs, the shelves can be mounted directly into the tile installation without drilling in the joint or tile.

Schluter-SHELF is a practical shelf that always looks good on tiled walls. In the elegant design variants CURVE and FLORAL, it serves as a practical storage area wherever tiles are laid or already present. Their pattern can also be found in the point drainage Schluter-KERDI-DRAIN-STYLE and the line drainage Schluter-KERDI-LINE-STYLE. The series includes elegant covers for the drain systems of barrier-free showers. Your bathroom can be fitted from a one single series.

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