Paul Wirths - ambiente 2016

Store gently and stylish

Paul Wirths, the traditional Solingen brand for high-quality cutlery presented many new products at Ambiente.
A Santoku damask knife, three new knife blocks with knives for different requirements in the kitchen, and a children's cutlery with three colorful decors were presented.

Paul Wirths Santoku Damask Knife: Characteristic Cooking
The production of culinary delights always requires care. And this care begins with the tools of the trade. With the SURU knives, Paul Wirths, the traditional brand from Solingen, now offers two Santoku damask knives, made in perfect craftsmanship from 67 layers of Japanese VG-10 Damascus steel. Layer by layer, the stainless steel layers are individually applied to the blade: The resulting characteristic texture enthuses local gourmets and ambitious everyday cooks alike.

Paul Wirths knife blocks: always ready to hand
Cooking is passion - and there are few taboos for this passion. But a taboo in the kitchen is just as true for everyday cooks as it is for ambitious casual cooks: knives do not belong in the drawer. In a knife block, on the other hand, knives are gently stored with their sensitive blades - just as they would be for perfect kitchen tools. Sharpness and consistency are maintained here.

Paul Wirths children's cutlery: For small table calls
What begins with first spoonfuls of the porridge, should eventually lead to the safe handling of knives and forks. But toddlers must first learn how to use a cutlery at all. Children's cutlery is a useful help. Eating like the grown-ups is especially fun for children when the cutlery lures with cheerful motifs. Paul Wirths, the traditional Solingen brand for high-quality cutlery is now expanding its children's cutlery range with three other child-friendly and colorful motifs.