ORGATEC 2018, Cologne - Visionary Concepts for a new Work-Culture

Through its various themes, ORGATEC 2018 shed light on the interplay between working environments and work culture and showcased forward-thinking ideas for new workplace design. In this way, the leading topic for the modern working world was rethinking and advancing workplaces with the theme “culture@work”.
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"What sort of environment will the work culture of the future need? How can freedom and structure be given equal space? With a central theme of “culture@work” ORGATEC 2018 presented visionary concepts for the whole world of work. After all, it is only through a culture that promotes diversity, collaborative partnerships, motivation and trust that we are inspired to work creatively and our ideas are allowed to flourish.

By taking up this theme, the leading international trade fair for the modern working world was a logical continuation of ORGATEC 2016, whose central theme – “creativity works” – was implemented with enthusiasm at the fair. The ORGATEC is the hotspot for the modern working world.

Public spaces can become creative laboratories for autonomous living and working.
Office layouts and multifunctional workspaces support a collaborative work culture.
State-of-the-art information and communications technology promotes creativity and networking.
Intelligently designed office and working environments can spark inspiration and innovation."

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