mySodapop – news at ambiente 2020

In Frankfurt Sodapop presented their first closed system of an premium soda maker. The door made of stainless steel is closed while the soda maker is working. On the back there is a second CO2 cylinder for a more comfortable reloading process. The system is available in colourways copper, silver and white.

"Its important to us to be at the ravages of time and to present a sustainable enjoyment of water to our customers as easy as possible. This positioning is the foundation of our success and we are proud to be one of the leading brands in this market these days" says Roland Herrmann, Founder and CEO of Sodapop.

"mySodapop is focussed on innovative gadgets with exquitite design. Also, mySodapop is more than just sparkling water. The high aestetics of the glas bottles wich can make every dining table setting more attractive were just as important as the straight and clear design of the machine itself"

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