MEDICA 2018, Düsseldorf - World’s Leading Medical Trade Fair

Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Things (IoT) - there is hardly any industry where these terms or usage are not high on the agenda. The health industry is no exception in this regard. The digital transformation is the top issue shaping the world of medicine.

The MEDICA 2018 shows the future of medicine - totally digital, but with "Human Touch".

From plasters to a blood pressure meter - everything is becoming "smart"
The field of wearable technologies, also known as wearables, presented itself with many new innovations at the MEDICA 2018. Intelligent patch solutions are currently conquering many medical markets. The patch itself is smart by showing the body temperature in different colos. Another intelligent patch is the "TracPatch". It can monitor the wound healing process by means of temperature measurement. In addition, the activity of the patient can be recorded and via Smartphone motivating influences can be given encouraging more exercise.

Measuring blood pressure without a cuff - comprehensive monitoring may be useful for monitoring health, sports, disease and rehabilitation. An optical biosensor measures the blood pressure. Blood pressure measuring per heartbeat does not even need the usual inflatable cuff.

Intelligent prostheses are prostheses that perceive their surroundings via sensors. Based on this perception they can usefully adapt their function to the needs of the patient.

The MEDICA is the world's leading trade fair covering and dividing fields of medical technology, electro-medicine, laboratory technology, diagnostics, physiotherapy, orthopaedic technology as well as consumer goods and consumables. The fair takes place once a year in Dusseldorf and is only accessible to trade visitors.

The fair is divided into the fields of electromedicine and medical technology, information and communication technology, physiotherapy and orthopedic technology, consumer goods and consumables, laboratory technology and diagnostics.

MEDICA takes place every year with Compamed, the world's largest trade fair supplier trade for medicine. Thus, the entire chain process of medical products and technologies are presented to all visitors, requiring a visit to both trade fairs for each industry specialist.

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