Living Kitchen 2019 - DISCOVER KITCHEN IDEAS

The Living Kitchen inspires with the latest ideas and trends from the kitchen living space. Exciting solutions inspire and inspire.

Innovative manufacturer presentations, new kitchen furniture, household appliances and accessories as well as cooking and trend shows - Living Kitchen has developed into the central event of the international kitchen industry and promises an exciting look into the future of the kitchen industry with its conceptual reorientation.

The merging of living areas is a general trend that also benefits the kitchen. It becomes more homely and cosy, but still remains very tidy. There is a lot of concealed storage space in combination with some open shelf elements.

With the help of the latest manufacturing techniques, fine, thin materials can be precisely processed. The design language is clear, angular and reduced. Wood, metal, dark grey tones, concrete and stone look characterise the design.

The topic Smart Gardening is very popular. Plants are increasingly being integrated into the kitchen - be it the herbs or even small greenhouses for salads.
Smart control through Voice Control, apps or integrated touch screens are also included.

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Kurz Kurz Design Impressions Living Kitchen

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