Light + Building 2018 - Innovations for STEINEL Professional

The intelligent building of tomorrow will have completely new capabilities, making living and traveling more efficient, healthier, safer and more comfortable.

The new and revolutionary sensors designed by Kurz Kurz Design for STEINEL SYSTEMS, such as True Presence® or the optical sensor HPD2 created the base for building intelligence solutions .

True Presence®
Solutions for more efficiency, health, safety and comfort

True Presence® is the world's first true presence detector. It reliably recognizes the presence of a person, no matter his activity: walking, standing, sitting, reading, resting or sleeping. This is real, digital knowledge about the presence or absence. The digital capability of recognizing the presence or absence of a being is the essential key in existing and future building management.

HPD2 - More intelligence thanks to optical Multi-Sensor Technology
HPD means Human Presence Detection. With the HPD2 STEINEL has achieved a quantum leap in sensor technology. It is the first presence detector that not only captures people, but also counts them.
The unique core is an innovative technology with a highly sensitive optical system combined with complex mathematical algorithms.

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