Kind + Jugend 2023 - Cologne

This year, our Kurz Kurz Design Team was once again on the road at Kind und Jugend in Cologne and got an overview of the latest trends in the industry.

“The baby and children’s equipment market is experiencing a fascinating evolution driven by sustainability, artificial intelligence, new smart technologies and multifunctional products. These trends are not only shaping the market, but also consumer behavior, especially among Millennials and young Generation Z.

Sustainability is a Big Plus
The appreciation of sustainability has developed into a differentiation criterion that significantly influences purchase decisions. For example, companies are increasingly focusing on longer use, second-hand offers and the responsible use of resources.

Parents Love Multifunctional and Growing Along Products
Products that grow alongside the child and adapt to the needs of children and parents are becoming increasingly more popular. There are not only sustainable reasons for this trend; after all, products that offer several functions at the same time naturally save time and money. Child car seats that are able to grow with the child and combo strollers that cover several age groups have long been an integral part of the baby and children’s equipment industry and are constantly being developed further.

Smart features are also becoming more important in order to increase safety and comfort. High-tech baby monitors have been established for some time, but now smart functions are also making their way into other product segments. An innovative age for the baby and children’s equipment industry! ”

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You can find our trade fair impressions here:
Kurz Kurz Design impressions Kind + Jugend Cologne