German Innovation Award 2018 in Gold for iHF 3D Motion Detector from Steinel Professional

The 3D Motion Detector represents a quantum leap in sensor technology and is nothing short of a revolution in the field of outdoor sensors. The innovative iHF 3D from Steinel Professional has been awarded with the German Innovation Award 2018 in Gold in the Lighting category by the German Design Council for being the world's first outdoor high-frequency motion detector.

iHF 3D Motion Detector

Creates a whole new outside experience. iHF 3D Motion Detector, is ideal for facades, carports, parking areas and patios. 160° iHF-sensor with 8 m reach, 3D aerial technology and identification-system distinguishing between moving objects, small animals and very low or high temperatures. Detects everything equally well whichever direction it is approached from.

Competence has an impact: The German Innovation Award.

The German Innovation Award is a new innovation prize that awards projects that have an impact on society, with special attention to small details and offer new solutions to everyday life. The prize was awarded for the first time in 2018. Potential recipients include SMEs as well as corporate groups, whether in the B2B or B2C sectors. All companies that make innovative products that are part of an overall solution.

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