Kurz Kurz Design intern Daniel Rauch designes solar car

"SolarCar" team of the University Bochum is supported by Daniel Rauch

Daniel Rauch creates the design for the Thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser . The 28-year-old designer has been working on the development since 2015. Bochum University is participating in a competition in Australia. This is what the blue.cruiser looks like in front of the Thyssenkrupp building.

During his time at the "Berufskolleg für Gestaltung in Wuppertal" in 2006, he completed a one-year internship at Kurz Kurz Design. Rauch receives an industrial design award in July.

The "thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser" will be officially presented on 5 July. He is already a success for Daniel Rauch: three days before, Folkwang University awarded him this year's prize in the field of industrial design. The work was created in the context of his studies in Essen and was supervised there by Professor Anke Bernotat. Rauch also received recognition earlier: in 2009, the English trade magazine Autocar published its draft for a Ford Focus of the model year 2020. In order to participate, Wuppertal had gained an extra address in the United Kingdom.

photographs: Andreas Hempel/zerone
text parts: Westdeutsche Zeitung, Fred Lothar Melchior

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