Dineus Award for Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder MANAOS

For the first time, the DINEUS Award recognized the top achievements of the tableware industry and is aiming to create more public awareness in the culture of a set table - it is the great prize of tableware. As part of the fair "tradition" the international prize was awarded in 2019. The Kurz Kurz Design MANAOS Coffee Grinder for Zassenhaus along with the other products from e.g. ASA, Rosenthal, Mono, Le Creuset as well as Stelton were all awarded.

Outstanding products in the entire spectrum of tableware were sought out. The products had to have classic or modern designs, innovations aspects, cutting edge design, and design enhancing projections or decorations. A top-class jury of experts, designers and independent industry and media representatives from the industry evaluated and rewarded the ubmitted products, collections, designs and innovations. In a total of 11 categories, some of which were porcelain, cutlery, cooking & baking and serving, the winners were awarded.

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The Brazilian city of Manaos is the ideal starting point for exploring the Amazon and the rainforest. Coffee lovers go with their pocket coffee grinder MANAOS Zassenhaus on pleasures trip. The Kurz Kurz Design manual hand mill with it’s slim form is made out of stainless steel and high quality plastic. In addition to the manual mill is the extra large precision grinder made of high-performance ceramics. It grinds the coffee beans gently; Aromas and vital substances are fully preserved. The 18- step grinding grade setting from fine to coarse guarantees a perfect result for all types of coffee. Your coffee powder collects in a practical jar. As icing on the cake, a removable crank was added, making it ideal for travel.

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