Climate handle: Vodafone announces smart window handle

Vodafone and partner company Smart-Klima today announced a new smart home gadget, the Klimagriff. The climate handle replaces the conventional window handle. It can test the air quality in the room via its integrated sensors. Humidity, room temperature, volatile organic compounds and the CO2 content of the air in the room are recorded.

The smart window handle sends the collected data online to the Smart-Klima servers, where it is analyzed. If the room climate is poor, the climate handle makes itself known and reminds its owners to air the room again. The smart window handle does this via the integrated e-ink display. It displays a smiley that symbolizes whether the room climate is good or bad. If it smiles, everything is fine - if it looks sad and is colored red, the room should be ventilated. The climate handle also signals a bad climate via a loud warning tone and push notifications.

The climate handle gives a recommendation as to how long the room should be ventilated. Via an integrated sensor, it detects whether the window is closed, tilted or open. The climate handle is powered by two AA batteries. Unlike other smart home gadgets, the climate handle cannot be connected to the Internet via WLAN. It communicates with the smart-climate servers via a cellular connection. The manufacturer is also working on an app that will clearly display the collected room climate data for the user. The smart window handle can be pre-ordered now for 219 euros . Delivery is scheduled for April 2021.