Berg-Pitch: Kurz Kurz Design as sponsor of the biggest startup competition in "Bergisches Land"

For the third time the Solingen Coworking Space "coworkit" in co-operation with codecentric AG presented the biggest startup event in Bergisches Land. The Berg-Pitch once again provided an exciting insight into innovative business ideas and networked startups, companies, investors and those interested in the startup scene.

The mode is tough: six companies have eight minutes to convince a six-person jury and more than 150 viewers of their business idea. Following this "pitch", the plenary session will ask the entrepreneurs questions. In the end, the start-up "Sdui" prevailed in the halls of Codecentric AG. The young developers from Rheinland-Pfalz have programmed an app in which students can call up their hourly, substitute and meal plans centrally.

Kurz Kurz Design has taken a part of the sponsoring for the BVMW award for runner-up "Triclap". They want to extend classic role-playing games by using the smartphone. The third place is shared by "Rubde" (personalized caps), "James Box" (modern warehouses for belongings) and the „Café ohne Worte“. The latter is a project of Cologne students organizing events with deaf waiters. "For customers, ordering coffee in sign language is a unique experience - for the waiters a way out of unemployment that threatens many deaf people," said CEO Lukas Haffer.

In addition to the five startups from North Rhine-Westphalia, startup Orel Tech also accepted a long journey from Israel. Israel belongs to the high-tech location par excellence and offers a foundation to many exciting startups.
The Business Development Solingen has recently agreed a cooperation between the urban technology center in Haifa and the starter center Solingen. This resulted in the contact to the startup Orel Tech, which was invited exclusively to the Berg-Pitch.

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