SHOKZ OPENCOMM UC - The Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones have won the 2022 GOOD DESIGN Award

We are excited about the first award in the new year!

Cheekbones instead of eardrums. The Bluetooth open-ear headset has won the 2022 GOOD DESIGN Award. The headphones rely on bone sound to transmit tones.

The headphones leave the ear canal free and use vibrations to listen to music or make phone calls. This leaves the ears free to continue to perceive the environment at work, sports or in traffic, or really protect against noise.

The headphones basically consist of a single part: a bracket that is placed around the head and in which the battery, control and microphone/speaker sections are integrated. The actual hold on the head comes from the 33 gram OPENCOMM's rest over the ear cups. Equipped with a DSP noise-canceling boom microphone, this headset provides high quality audio and ensures smooth communication.

Equipped with remarkable technologies like Quick Charge and NFC connectivity, the OpenComm is the best choice for all work situations. Furthermore, the OpenComm is equipped with a DSP noise-canceling boom microphone that minimizes background noise to improve focused listening. With a distance of only 6 cm from your mouth, it is placed in such a way that it captures and amplifies everything you say. The OpenComm is equipped with Qualcomm 3024 chips that enable richer sounds as well as precise fine-tuning. Designed using Premium PitchTM 2.0 audio technology, sound quality is further optimized by 7th generation bone-conduction technology, allowing you to hear mid to high frequencies with full clarity - ideal for the human voice.

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